The Mingus Parchment

Mingus Kindle cover

THE MINGUS PARCHMENT is the story of one dwarf’s journey to discover the secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur. This tongue-in-cheek tale is entertaining and easy to read, but it is packed with wisdom and insight gleaned from over twenty years of success in starting and growing businesses. Whether you are like our young dwarf, just starting a career and wondering if there’s more to life than the corporate grind, or if you’ve already stepped out on the path towards becoming an entrepreneur, The Mingus Parchment provides practical real world insight.

Available in Paperback and Kindle

About the Author

Walt Sutton has successfully launched and sold four thriving businesses and has employed more than 2000 people in his lifetime. He currently acts as advisor and coach to CEOs and Managing Directors in North America, Europe, China and Australia.