What Happens When You Get What You Want?

WhatHappens_ebook_Smashwords In this provocative book, Dr. Rick Eigenbrod invites readers to consider the idea that we are far better prepared to pursue success than to have it. With humor and insight, he explores the reality of what happens when we get what we want and why success, along with gain, acquisition, and achievement, can also bring loss and disruption to our lives. In addition to a greater understanding of the profound emotional, psychological, and social impact that “success” has on our lives, Rick provides an alternative to the Grand Narrative of $uccess as life’s supreme organizing principle. In this wonderfully concise work, Rick offers a framework for choice-making, that gives us a reliable and enduring source of structure, meaning, and identity as we navigate the uncharted waters of ‘What next?’ and ‘Is this all there is?.’

Available in Paperback and Kindle, Nook, and iBook